Aug 4, 2010

A tale of work life: you are not a slave

My boss said: “Seems like you are not interested in your work at all”. “Well, I answered, I was in the beginning, but now it has been 14 months doing this job, and I can’t be interested anymore, it is psychological, I am doing my best” He nodded in agreement, and said “Yes, yes”. 
I was promoted, and I was looking myself for a replacement, when without even informing me properly they pushed me again in a smaller office, with the coffee machine besides it. It is only freaking natural, no matter how you look at it, that I will not be interested in this work. 
I believe that you have to concentrate on your current work, otherwise you do not deserve your dreams, but when you have worked hard enough, and then you were deceived, you obviously will rebel. 

There is no reason to work hard enough if there is no incentive. You should not work hard enough without an incentive. People are moved by motives. If we do not follow our dreams in our line of work, we’re mere slaves. We all work to achieve something great, and that is why we endure the stress and the fatigue of everyday life. If there is no goal, than we are all Sisyphus pushing a big rock up and down a hill. 

I’m sorry but I am not a slave. I do not give my all, if I am not paid back for my effort!!!

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