Aug 13, 2010

Human Dignity means freedom

The most important thing you have is your pride, your dignity. If animals need poison and fangs to survive (survival of the fittest), we humans need our dignity.
Most shapes of socio-economic rule, from slavery to feudalism, to monarchy, to capitalism and socialism are in nature exploitative; one group of the society oppresses and usurps the other group.
Many philosophers and sociologists have said it before, so I'm not discoursing on some new world theory, I'm merely observing out of personal experience a phenomena of this world.
On a positive note, though, being contrary to appearance a positivist rather than a cynic, I believe that the way to survive in the exploitative unjust world, is by never ever submitting to your fate, never ever submitting to the bullies and the rulers, and the owners.
Slavery is a state of mind, not a real situation. If you want to escape slavery and be free to follow your dreams, be able to live your life, you can.
Do not submit to those who have more property, money, status, and political power.
Do not submit to the dictatorship of an oligarchy, or to the dictatorship of the majority either.
Never give up on your beliefs and dreams.
You can escape slavery if you always hold on to your dignity.
No one owns you.
You are free to think, believe, and live the way you want to.
The only limit is the freedom of the other.

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