Oct 7, 2010

Pulp Fiction, an Ode to American Food

I always get inspired to eat and eat lots when I see Pulp Fiction. I have to equip myself with lots of food, like Rory and Lorelai from The Gilmore Girls did before a movie marathon, before I rewatch The Pulp Fiction, otherwise I’ll be drooling, starving, or craving food as if it meant my life.
We start with “coffee” drinking that the Garson that means boy in French fills up all the time, now I’m jealous of that, cause they don’t fill you up with coffee all the time around where I live, like they do in American diners, you’ve gotta buy if you need extra cups and they are so damn short expressos.
Then, the food talk, Vince and Jules talk about burgers, and the difference in how they’re called because of the metric system. “Royale with cheese, or Quarter Pound Cheese Burger” and “fries with mayonnaise (I totally do that)”.
Then in the big scene with Brad, who says what one more time, I dare him, I double dare him, there are “Kahuna Burgers” and a “Tasty beverage (soda) ” for Jules to wash his mouth with.
In the second part when Vince gets Mia out to dinner, Mia finds her “burger with fries” when she gets out of the bathroom from “powdering her nose” and she loves finding her food when she gets out of the bathroom, and Vince wants his “steak” bloody.
Lance eats his “cereals” in the middle of the night while watching The Three Stooges, (why do the Three Stooge go so much with cereals I don’t know that but Sheldon from The Big Bang Theory does that to, at 6 am).
We don’t see Butch and Fabienne eat, but we know that she will eat the typical breakfast or food at a typical American Diner, and that’s “eggs, pancakes, blueberry pie…etc” the girl can eat for two, just like me (even though she had a reason right?)
In the Bonnie situation when Bonnie buys coffee she buys shit, but Jimmie wants to taste his coffee, so he buys the tasty “gourmet coffee”.
In the end they’re all going for breakfast, “eggs and bacon” is the best for Vince, but pigs are filthy animals for Jules, who has that time the revelation to walk the earth like some kind of bum.
Did I forget anything?
Well there are other sorts of life sinful pleasures in that movie, such as cigarettes, cocaine and heroine, alcohol, but I’m really focusing on the food, since that is my personal sinful pleasure.
I wouldn’t  be able to write about all of these if I didn’t just have burger and fries, and even though I’m full I’m craving for Pancakes.
Pulp Fiction is a classic, but apart from the great writing, directing, music, acting, editing, etc, it has always made me think about food, and it always will.