Mar 17, 2011

I want to walk

I want to walk.
I do not wish to climb the stairs,
or run towards the ending.
I want to take my time and walk
I want to see everything up close,
and have time to think and meditate about things.
I want to take a look at the beauty in my path,
and face the people I meet.
I want to see them properly.
I want to enjoy the voyage
in a never ending summer
in a train passing through village after village.
I want to stop and taste the cheese,
the wine, the deserts, the fish, the meat,
the coffee, the bread, the eggs.
I want to stop and focus on the smiles
and recognize in the people I see,
the same fabric made of love,
and dreams, and hope, and pain, and struggle,
and perseverance, found in all of us.
I want to see how we are all the same
in different parts of the world.
I want to look at a young family
and the daughter’s love for their father
somewhere around the earth,
and be nostalgically reminded of my own youth,
traveling by train and catching the dawn with my family.
I want to love people and see how they live.
I do not wish to stop one place and build.
I want to walk ahead and gather beauty
that is around this lovely earth.
There is so much to see,
I cannot stay in one place and try to reach the ceiling,
there are so many other houses to visit.
I may not be able to rise above,
but I could be able to see better from down to earth,
where people look like people,
not like ants.
I do not wish to run,
I do not wish to climb.
I wish to walk.