May 26, 2012

My owner has a cat

My owner has a little habit
to feed me as he pleases
he sends me places
and rarely doesn't show
when I walk in town
he wonders where I go

My owner loves to rant
brag, and boast, and bluster,
he flutters in his chant
he is the town's rooster

what happened in his day
his life, work and troubles
he talks about it all
but all he wants is cuddles

I have this old owner
I'm his little cat
I like it when I'm sheltered
warmed and well fed
I purr, stretch my paws
I sleep in his bed

I like it when he pets me
he strokes me and he nuzzles
i like it when he nestles
fondles me and snuggles

I like it when he comes
close, closer to me
but what I do like more
is when I get to flee
And wonder if he wonders
wherever I might be

My owner has a little
snotty bratty cat
sometimes she likes to wonder
if he wonders where she's at

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