Nov 1, 2012

The Conscience Chapter 1

The Conscience was about to be tuned. For the first time in human history, all human information and emotions would be universally accessible, universally shared. There would be no more secrets. Who would have thought only four years ago, before the mechanism to read and share all information installed in the millennia of human existence would have been invented. One moment there was so much we didn't know. We could only use 10% of our human brain, or so we thought, it was actually much more than that. Who knew that in our DNA the memories and history of our ancestors, what they had seen and done, all of the images and sounds and feelings, everything was in there? Who could have ever predicted such a thing? Only four years ago, the Conscience was not even Science Fiction, it was unimaginable, improbable, impossible! It was all over the news. Everywhere, in every office, in every classroom, in every coffee shop and bar, even in the homeless shelters or in the street, in the entire world, it was the only topic in everyone's  mind. Some were excited, frantic, they couldn't wait to know all that was to be discovered. Now there wouldn't be any more debate whether there was global warming, and no crime. Criminals would be punished, and those who would want to act on a criminal whim, would be caught. We would all know what the other knew. A lot of people were ashamed that their most secret and unconventional thoughts would be accessible to everyone else. Their children would know their sex life. There were many activists protesting against the great violation to human freedom and privacy that was about to occur. But the greatest majority,  after experiencing the Apocalyptic Wars, having lost each and everyone at least one of their most loved ones, were tired of the world the way it was. The notion that all wars, all crimes would be stopped, was enough to persuade them to positively anticipate the Conscience. The notion of spreading the information equally between rich and poor, between the west and the east was fascinating, exuberant. Some were intrigued knowing that in 24 hours they would know who their ancestors were, were they great grandsons of Caesar or Cleopatra, and if they weren’t what did really happen in those years? Were there really aliens who contributed to our evolution? Was there God, was there Adam and Eve? Of course Churches, and religious entities were against the Conscience. The idea that the human would prove that there was no Adam and Eve, or that Muhammad was a fraud was much more frightening that they could fathom. But they were the ones who had almost brought extinction to humanity with the Apocalyptic wars of 2043. They were the ones who brought death, destruction and pain, and the world was over them. The world wanted peace. Not since the great invention of the internet had there been such a potentially changing factor for humanity. The Conscience would change completely, once and for all the World as we knew it. There were a few philosophers thinking how the Conscience would affect individuality. Some were afraid that if everyone knew everything, very soon all individual thought would be destroyed. We would be millions of brains acting robotically towards the same goal. The conscience would make us one. Others criticized this notion. Sharing the waves of our DNA would only make the information available to all, but our DNAs would still be separate, different, and just because everyone else would know what we wanted, what we thought, it didn't mean that we would be able to affect the desires and the dreams and the thoughts of everyone. There were needless to say as many for, as there were against the invention of the Conscience. But even those who so vividly fought against it, could not deny that they were part of a history that couldn't be changed, and that it needed to be done. The world as we knew it would soon change. There a few practitioners who would promise amnesia to many fools. They didn't know that even though their crimes, or perversions would be temporarily erased in their brains, they would not be erased in their DNAs. There was no way to run from the Conscience. Many killed themselves or their victims. Those 24 hours were dangerous, needless to say, for people who had more than something to hide and people who knew what they were hiding. Others who had been affected by amnesia and first signs of Alzheimer, knew that the Conscience would revive the memories that their brains had lost. There was as much excitement as there was fear.

Just in 24 hours, - said our Leader, - We will share all knowledge that has ever been known by humans. We will know what has really happened, and with a shared consciousness we will be able to fight all that is evil, and prevent it from ever happening again. Don’t be afraid Earth of all your secrets. You will be forgiven, because we are all sinners, we are all at fault. But soon, we will be one. Soon we will be able to even see the future, or at least be able to prevent mathematical probabilities that could cause our doom, or our pain. Soon dear Earth we will accomplish what all of our ancestors have tried to do. All they wanted was for knowledge to be shared, and for evil to be fought. We as one will be able to break all possible barriers. We will be able to travel further than our solar system, further than the milky way. Soon we will be able to see where we came from, and where we are going. This historic inevitability is ours. We as a planet, will soon be able to forget about the apocalyptic wars, and move on to a brighter future. We will know why and how are neighbors feel. We will feel such empathy that we will be able to forgive and forget. We will finally live in peace and in love. So do not fear my family. Do not fear that our sins and our faults and our perversions will be seen, because what we are about to sacrifice, is nothing in comparison to what we will gain. 

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