Feb 18, 2013

Cloud Atlas and the meaning behind the comet shaped birthmark

I don't know whether this has been discussed or not, and how the story actually goes in the book, but as far as the film goes, I don't think that the comet shaped birthmark represents the reincarnations of one soul in different bodies throughout human history as I have read or heard from some journalists or interpreters of the film Cloud Atlas.

Here's my theory regarding the comet birthmark. I believe that the people who have the comet birthmark in the film, aren't the same soul reincarnated, but are actually different souls that have their turn to play a particular, important role in that time of the human history. There is a connection between these people, through time and space, and in the end, this connection, is ultimately a journey of humanity into another world.

The first one to have the birthmark is Ewing. He goes through a personal adventure, in which he has to make an important choice, that will in turn save his life, as well as make him a kind of a hero in his time. He will choose to save Autua, who will in turn save him, and this experience will make him decide on what is the important role that he has in his life, which is, work for the abolition of slavery. Our lives are not our own - his life, after a very important meeting, he gives it to an important cause, which is the most important cause in his Epoque, of people fighting against the Establishment, and those who do not want to mess with the Natural Order (the characters played by Hugo Weaving, Hugh Grant). He writes a Diary, which becomes a book about his adventures.

The second to have the birthmark, is in fact Frobisher, who reads exactly that diary. In some sort of cosmic, time-crossing kind of way, Frobisher's and Ewing's lives intertwine. It's some sort of rite of passage that Ewing gives Frobisher to continue his adventure. Frobisher is in love with Sixsmith, and throughout the film we see him connect with Jocasta and Vyvyan, but I don't think any of those loves are what he's talking about in his suicide note. I think he's talking about a far greater love, that is his sextet, his music, his creation, that he knows deep in his heart, it's far greater than him, far greater than life, it's in fact the story of all these people meeting again and again in different times, and through their choices, shaping the future of humanity. It's in fact the music of love that connects people to fight for a better world, and for the continuity of all that's good in human kind, that kind of love. Sixsmith, it's his inspiration, his soul mate if you will, and the cloud atlas sextet is his poem about this love, that transcends all time and space, love he has for Sixsmith, but also the love of all these souls that shape humanity. 

Frobisher creates this magic music piece that is a mathematic, musical, and time-infinite expression of the human adventure in different periods of time (considering that time is infinite, past, future and present, are all happening at the same time in the immense universe). The music he creates, I'm sure Vyvyan Ayrs might have dreamt it, getting a glimpse, a window opening of the future, in the dream about the waitresses with the same faces (In the Somni time period), because it's timeless and it represents all of them, but he, unlike Frobisher does not understand it. He wants to own it, he doesn't care about the rite of passage (We are all meeting again and again in different times), he cares to make a name out of it. But Frobisher knows the importance of life after death, he doesn't care that there is no way he can have a successful life at his time. His most important duty is to create this piece of music, that he knows it's important, as it is an anthem to something far greater than him, this cloud atlas sextet is a musical description, summary of all the connections between these souls who antagonize or love each other in different times, but together have ultimately an important role in human history.

As a matter of fact Frobisher sends the letters to his one true love Sixmith, describing his adventure, and he also creates this masterpiece. And who else but Luisa Rei, the next carrier of the birthmark would ultimately come across these letters, and also the music? She knows she has heard the music piece, not only because she was Ayr's wife in another life, but because this music is about her, as it is about all these souls, and all their incarnations, and she knows that the music is important. Sixsmith knows and feels that his meeting with Luisa is important after seeing the birthmark, that is why he is sure to contact her and trust her with his important task. Luisa comes across the letters, she feels that we all make the same mistakes over and over again, she feels that those letters are more than the story of one person, but they are repetition of the human experience which happens again and again and again, and that she was ultimately meant to read them. There's a reason for everything, and if our rational brain cannot comprehend our role in this world, something more than a birthmark shows us the way, an instict. After all maybe the mind unlike the human body is connected with everyone else and everything else around the universe, across all time and space in ways that we cannot really comprehend, stapled on this material world. Luisa was meant to read the letters, just like Frobisher was meant to read Ewing's book. She is inspired by the letters and ultimately by the music to carry out her part of the deal, her rite of passage in fighting the evil, the natural order, passing the limits, the challenges, and winning human freedom, by saving thousands, or hundreds of thousands of lives, in her adventure to get the research about the nuclear power public. Hugh Grant and Hugo Weaving are again the protectors of the evil, and the natural order. And we see Tom Hanks' soul-character, Isaac, for the first time come to his senses and see and meet his soul mate, which he has met in past and future (remember time is endless, it's not linear, it's cyclical). Through this meeting he is convinced to make an important choice, he was afraid to make before. This meeting inspires him to give Luisa Rei the research, before he is killed. He knows when he meets her, that something far greater than him was happening. Luisa Rei's story as we are led to believe by her conversation with the little spy novels loving kid as they read her expose on the paper, was most probably going to be made into a book.

Again, my theory is that Cavendish is reading exactly that book. he is connecting with Luisa Rei through her book, and as we are let to know he is the carrier of the birthmark (it's in his leg). I don't think he is a reincarnation, he was probably born when Luisa Rei was still alive if you do the math, but that doesn't mean that there's a plothole. Again I don't think they are reincarnations, I think they are important chess stones that play their part in this grand domino effect, and if you are just a little bit spiritual, intelligent design. Cavendish goes through a little adventure of his own, where he has to pursue freedom against the people who want to take it away from him. He has to live through the incarceration, because that is important for the grand scheme of things, of destiny. His little experience will inspire him, to write a book about it, a book, that was ultimately made into a film. His role was exactly to make that film.

The other carrier of the birthmark, is Somni. We see that when her collar is taken off from Halle Berry's Asian male character. Somni is inspired by Cavendish's film, it is her first realization that she doesn't have to be incarcerated, abused, that she is human, free, and thus her journey to be part of the revolution and tell people of 2144 that clones are humans too, that our lives are not our own, that we play part in the life or lives we have by the connections we make, the people we meet. Yes we are all in fact drops that make a multitute of the ocean. It is only together that we make the whole. That is why the connections that we make are important, because together we are fated to create our unique, universal and shared destiny. Somni is captured ultimately and killed, but she is able to tell her story and register her message in so many places. She is sure that when we die we close a door and open another, and we can meet again and again in different time periods and different incarnations. Somni's role is important. Her message is registered as I said in this tower. Ages later after a sort of apocalypse has fallen upon humans and the earth has become little by little a harsher place to live, her message was there. My theory is that the people of the Valley where Zachry was from, their ancestors had seen that message, and that it was passed from generation to generation until people thought Somni was a deity. (If you see carefuly the same place where Somni was captured, is the place where Zachry and Meronym go to send the message to another planet, another star).

As we see in the end Zachry has the comet birthmark this time (his balding head as an old grandpa). His role was prominent to save Meronym, to send the message, to assure that humans would continue to live on and not be extinct, to ensure that humans could pass on the gene-line of generations and generations past (there are more ways to reincarnate, I believe that the DNA and not just the energy-soul, where the information of our ancestors is stored in us, is important for the humanity to continue, and for the story of human kind to continue). Zachry and Meronym are able to go to this new land, this new planet, where in fact a galaxy of stars seen by that planet, looks in shape a lot like the comet shaped birthmark Ewing, Frobisher, Luisa, Cavendish, Somni and Zachry have. It was in fact a map of the new world Frobisher was talking about (I believe we'll meet again in a new world). And I don't really know how it may continue, whether others' souls of this map of people-souls entrenched together can also now reincarnate in this new world, through the energy, or through gene-line, but I do feel that the journey of one human, is the journey of all humanity, and all humanity was meant to travel to this far away galaxy and continue our existence in a new world. The important part is that human kind, through this domino effect of events of the people who held the comet shaped birthmark, was able continue its existence in another world, that the birthmark had described. Who had the birthmark, had the most important role in that particular time to make something important in their generation, that would inspire the next generation's person with the birthmark to do the same, thus ultimately having Zachry send Meronym to the mountain and have the people from outter space come and rescue us.

So as a summary - Ewing had the first birthmark, he had an adventure that changed his life and destiny, he wrote a book about it, that was read by Frobisher who had the birthmark, who was so inspired by him, that he created the beautiful music and wrote about his little adventure to Sixmith. Luisa read those letters, and she knew they were important, she heard Cloud Atlas because of it and she knew it was important, she had the birthmark, she had a great adventure to save people, she wrote the story and the book about it. Cavendish had the birthmark, and read Luisa's book. Was he probably inspired by it to want and pursue a life of freedom, and even write himself? I think so. He knew it was important that he wrote the story, the book, and that it was made into a film, and that film was watched by the next person with the birthmark, Somni. Somni was inspired by the film to make her revolution and leave a message of the connectedness between humans, and how important our lives are to give them to the people next to us. Zachry who saw her first as a deity, and followed her preaching, and then saw her message in the mountain playing, knew his role to help Meronym, and made the right choice by helping out Meronym, and thus played his part into saving humanity and sending them to this new world.

What is an Ocean but a multitude of Drops. We are all drops of this human multitude, we connect time after time with each other. Every meeting we make, turns our life in a certain direction. Perhaps the choices we make, we were meant, or written to make in the first place, but we still have to make those choices, and play that part to make it all happen. What is all? It's our history as humans, our history as beings, conscious on this earth. Maybe there's more than just us, but we, as small as we are, we do have a role to make it all happen, all that is supposed to happen. It's our role to fight against what our enemies, suppressers of freedom and love call the natural order. If it feels right, if it feels that we have a duty to do something, a mission, to play our small part in this world, to make it better, that is our part to play, and we should give our lives to that part. Our lives are not our own. We belong together on this earth, in this universe, in this multiverse. That is what Cloud Atlas inspired me to, and all of us, even though we don't have a particular birthmark, a rite of passage to ensure humanity's travel to a better world, we still are chess pawns, in a good way, in this grand intelligent scheme, in this grand cloud atlas. So if there is a lesson to be learned, from this beautiful piece of art, to me, it is, make sure to live your mark on this earth, someone will follow your steps, to continue the journey, and that is how we become immortal, by being part of humanity's lineage, by being part of humanity's Ocean. 

Feb 14, 2013

Universal Truth, Individual Comprehension

I have this feeling of completeness and of sudden realization lately, as if I have discovered one, if not the most important truth in our universe. I feel as if I have been birthed by a cocoon into a free butterfly and I am flying towards the sun, ready to touch every flower I encounter and give them life.
It’s more than a religious, or a spiritual, or a scientific awakening. It’s a personal realization that has been built from the inside, from the cross-reference of my individuality with happenings or events, as well as with signs given by books, music, films, or even a conversation with a stranger. All I know is that I have never been so certain in my life about my, and our place here on earth, and that I do believe that there is one truth, and “versions of the truth are mistruths”. I feel all of a sudden that there is one answer and we may not be able to see it in the same way, we may not be able to express it in the same way, but some of us are able to encounter it once, or even several times in our lifetime, if not in other lifetimes, if such thing exists. The sudden realization that there is actually a purpose, a meaning to it all, and that we are not all thrown into chaos, and life is not meaningless, that the movements of this great symphony are all important, that all choices, that all decisions, that all of the things that we do, play an important part in the universal scheme. I have this sudden epiphany that as small as we all are, and as small as all of our actions are, they are all important in the big mathematical equation of all universe, multiverse, or all-existence; that in every step we make we define the next scene, the next note, the next movement.
I feel that there is some sort of connectedness between all humans, and all nature, and all elements in this all-existence if not multi-verse, and we are all important. I believe this connectedness is lived, perceived, felt, through love, that is not just sexual, or just a familial love, but it’s more universal, and more all-encompassing. I believe that the love we have for the people we meet, that take essential part in our lives connect us in a thread that spurs the continuity of our existence. There is a time-space continuum that we as humans are unable to comprehend rationally, but yet by instinct, in our subconscious, maybe when we’re asleep dreaming, maybe when we listen to a piece of music that just sounds so familiar, maybe when we fall in love with who we call our soulmate, or the beautiful creature we bring to life, maybe when we encounter a stranger’s eyes, we know, without knowing, that we are all connected. We are all in a theatre experiencing the same theatrical piece together, we’re all notes of the same symphony, drops of the same ocean, molecules of the same formula, stardust of the same stars. Suddenly, all limitations are just illusions that we create to make sense of our world, but in fact there are no limits. Suddenly, all is blurred, and with our lover’s kiss, in a perfect orgasm, through the eyes of our creation, a culmination of a symphony or song, we are able to capture that truth, that we are all part of one and the same.
My sudden realization if I can make any sense of it all, is that we humans owe our lives to each other, and that we need to play the role we are meant to play. There are some of us that get to win this sixth sense for even just a moment and want to share it with the rest, the idea, the universal truth of love, because there is no other human word or conception that can describe this greatness but love, that this love is so important and without it there wouldn’t be nothing. In our human world, we try to make sense with our limited brain, with our limited categorizations, conceptions, ideas, names, mathematic formulas of what’s around us, but there is one thing in our limitation that we are able to do, to express this connectedness, this feeling of greatness, that is barely seeable in a single dejavu, or twitch of an eye, let alone all-comprehensible, and that is to love one another. There is nothing more spiritual, more transcendent, and yet worldly than love. Is only through love that we are able to overcome our limitations and see the beautiful truth of life, of existence, well if not to see, to just have a glimpse in a little window opening of the universal truth.
I am able to see a new world, a world of the future for us, but a world that still exists in the greatness of it all, where empathy connects us all even more, that we are able to surpass our differences, and by love comprehend our similarities. I know I cannot reach this world through a time machine, but just maybe by writing and thinking about it. Someone else can reach this world with music, with a film, a book, a poem, a painting, or just a single simple dream. I believe that we are incomplete until we see the big complete picture and let go of our limitations. There is only one way that we can fly and that is by letting ourselves go.
In this realization of truth and universality, that is just a feeling, just a thought, just a glimpse into the grand picture, that I’m sure will leave me once again as I am suddenly swallowed by the Earth’s gravity, I want to live a fingerprint, a memory, a purpose, because there must be a reason, there must be one, for why I am able for just one moment to see with such clarity, and that I must continue the journey that my limited brain has so hopelessly tried to conceive. I do know that our life on earth is so short, and yet I feel that it continues after we leave, and it has started before we were born. I want to continue to spread the truth about love, about acceptance, about comprehension, about loving one another without prejudice, without anguish.
To be able to overcome our limitations, we must know what our limitations are. From the moment we are born, a genetic compound has limited our abilities and we can’t go further than we are “written” as, and a domino effect of events set from who knows when has if not pre-determined, set in motion our paths in life, and most important the amalgamation of choices to choose from. The future already exists as time is limitless, and yet it doesn’t mean that we have to sit on our laps and wait for it to happen, we are still given free will to make our choices, to decide our path. It has all happened, all will happen, all is happening at the same endless, continuous unfractured time, and yet we are still expected to contribute in this great scheme of things with our choices, with our actions, with our energy, with our love.
We may live in the dimension that includes all, in a transcendental truth that we cannot grasp alone, but as a unity of things we do, and yet we also live in this limited sphere of identity, of individuality, of ego, that we create. It’s by knowing what these limitations of chance and fate and choices that we are able to comprehend how to surpass these limitations. If we were born poor and violence was thrown upon us at an early age, it’s only by comprehending the wounds afflicted on us that we are able to learn to heal. It’s by understanding where our prejudice comes from that we can be able to be judgment-free. Our enemies are our friends, but most important they are us. We need to suddenly understand that as we are “I”, we are most important “we”, that the one and the all come together;  that, is the universal truth. In this earthly earth of limits what is your individual purpose, what is your path, what are your choices, where do you come from and where do you want to go? A sixth sense it’s reached from time to time when we are able to understand that borders, and confinements and chains are only illusions. I am not saying we will be able to let go of those chains, because we are contained in bottles in this life by our own consciousness, and we are unable to truly let go of this illusion, and yet by imagining and letting our imagination free we can if not grasp, again get a glimpse, or a sense of this universality in which we belong. In our limits, the best way to live as all, and make this life matter (a life that already matters, but why not matter in a positive way), is by loving a stranger, as much as loving our closest souls.
I wouldn’t dare to tell anyone what to think, how to feel, or how to live their lives, but I would dare to just say one thing, that it is possible to feel more complete, and for a lack of a better world, happier, or more at peace, accomplished, well-adjusted, realized, by being less egotistic, by being more empathic, by trying to understand that the importance of the other is equal to our own. And it’s so much easier to be happier, more complete, more well-adjusted, when we accept the differences, when we love them even, when we forgive and when we heal our own wounds, and expand our own hearts.
I believe, or think, or conceptualize in my tiny little head and consciousness, that all universal truth it’s hidden within ourselves, even though we are built in a way that we cannot grasp it all, and I believe that when we use our primary instincts, and act as our, traditionally speaking, hearts tell us to, we are doing the right thing, and we are playing a good role in the greater scheme. It is what we feel it’s right that it’s a message from the multiverse, from the all-existence, not what we’ve been told by religious institutions, cultural and social norms. Let yourself go and understand how beautiful everything and everyone is, just the way they are, and how beautiful we all are when we appreciate, comprehend, and accept each other, but most importantly when we appreciate, comprehend, and accept ourselves. This is the formula to let all the pieces within come together, and then in a further step the piece of our own self come together with all pieces in One.
In the end what I believe in wholeheartedly, subconsciously and consciously, physically and transcendentally, is, that we all, humans, and animals, and all life form, and all stardust, and all matter and anti-matter, together, without exception, we all make up this greatness of all-existence “entity”, and for a lack of a better word, I believe that this is what we all try so hard to call as God. The biggest blasphemy for every religious person, but also atheist person like I dare to still call myself as I don’t really know how else to describe my feelings about this topic, is exactly this one my dear fellow passengers, that I and you, and all of it all are particles of God, that there is no one big consciousness, but it’s the union of us all, of a consciousness cut apart into infinite number of pieces, each holding one piece of the puzzle of the universal truth, we are all God, together we are God, and by love we are able to synapse these little particles and make the work stay complete.
If there is a lesson I can write in this babbling between thought and communication of thought, realization of truth and losing the foresight, is that it’s only through love for eachother and for everything and everyone that surrounds us that we can reach God, because that is the moment we can feel the union with this big All-Existence, that is the moment we synapse more intensely. Take the time to love a cloud, the sun, your hair and skin, your pet, your neighbor, your drink, your dreams. Take the time to try and understand the other person’s “Ego” and empathize and feel and understand that you are part of God.