Jul 17, 2013

If I had one wish I would wish for the cure to cancer

Talia Castellano was a 13 year old girl who "won the battle against cancer for 6 years". She recently past away and left her family, friends and fans around the world, devastated.

In her short life she did what she wanted to do, what she liked to do. She gave make-up tutorials on You Tube gaining fans and friends around the world, met Ellen Degeneres who became her biggest fan, became a Covergirl, interviewed celebrities, gave interviews herself. Her biggest success was bringing beauty to this world. Talia transformed herself into a butterfly. She was her own Make a Wish Foundation. She never looked like a victim, she never showed the signs of cancer in her beautiful skin. Make-Up was her wig, she said.

Talia inspired not only children or people with cancer, but people all around the world who feel that their life is meaningless, or who feel that they are going through something terrible. She inspired all of us to live life for as long as we have it, not to take life for granted, to make our dreams come true, and to make our life worth, because we're here, we're healthy for now, and we owe it to the world to start every day that is a gift, with a smile, and with a purpose.

Life is so short, if you live 13 years, or 100. Time is meaningless if it is counted on the number of its beats. Time's measure is the power of the sound of its beats. Talia's time beat a powerful sound.

Talia had one wish. Her wish was for the cure of cancer. And I wish whoever hears her message, all the people that got to know her through the internet, all of our Time's beats can amplify a message across the universe and wish her wish to come true. And I wish that our Time's unified Beat can "Bend the spoon", so that we can make it happen together, so that we can bend a universe to our own liking, a universe without cancer.

Make every second count. Make every second beat a powerful and beautiful sound, for Talia.

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