Sep 28, 2013

The world of the apple

It was a dark day the day Eve took a bite of the apple of knowledge and shared it with the clueless Adam. It was a dark day for we were chased out of the Garden of Eden.

Or so they say.

What if Eve and Adam were never actually chased away, but they just gained the senses that link us to this garden. They gained the sight and smell and ears to connect with this beautiful garden, they were never able to contemplate before.

The apple's bite was the key to the door of this whole new world we live in. Eve like Alice, took a bite and opened the transient door in the wonderland we find ourselves in.

Take a look around at the sun, and trees, at the stars and the sky, and the seas and the rivers, and the clouds.

And take a look around at the people loving and fighting and walking and running. Take a look at the animals flirting.

Take a look at the well oiled machine that is the universe under the laws of physics, and nature under the laws of both blinding and dark beauty, and the human society of people biking and walking and driving and flying and hiking to get somewhere.

The proverbial apple that ripped us apart of an Ideal world of heaven and heavenly things, opened a whole new world for us to live in.

Yes, I am CHON and stardust, and many other elements that link together out of mutual need to make my body consume the elements of earth and be dispersed on earth. I am connected physically and mentally with everything. I have no soul. I am soul.

The apple of knowledge or the fantastic idea of an Eden? I choose the apple all the time. I choose my mortality that makes me part of this endless universe, forever. I’m Eve’s daughter and I am the daughter of Earth. Nature’s offspring.

The world of ideas or the world so beautiful with both its hurt and laughter is a perpetual energy of struggle and love that connects us all as we individually go about our ways.

They tried to make the female one as the enemy to see this world as a transit world, and do the work of Sisyphus for them, in hope of a world of idea beyond that waited flight. We waited and waited for the Godot of the heavens and opened our graves instead of running around the train station like the happy children that we all actually are. Look around. Look at the fellow passengers. The train will never come, and if it does, it doesn’t matter. It matters that you’re here. That we’re all here, and it’s all so beautiful.

The female one gave birth and set roots to this earth. The male one connected with the offspring. We set the roots so we can enjoy the sun and the water swim in our blood and be whispered in our breath.
The female one chose mortality to pass her seed to the next generation and the next generation and so on, and here we are.

We were chased out of the Garden of Eden they told us, but we can actually truly enjoy the taste of its fruits now. And so can our children, and grandchildren and all the generations to come.

The wheels of time will turn, and the garden will stay. Always more beautiful. Always more colorful. And when we’re whispers long forgotten in the vast skies of time and space, we can say that we were part of it, and part of everything when we walked and played around in that small train station. 

Sep 24, 2013

The Great Gig in the Sky

The Great Gig in the Sky

When I was listening to this song looking at the blue sky I felt my soul flying free limitless in the transcendent universe, untrapped by space or time, or mortality. I felt what I was part of unconsciously, and yet fully.

But listening to this at night in a claustrophobic room, I could actually feel the scream within me beating senseless at the skin, trying to escape the walls within.

If I could hear all the inner screams, would I be overwhelmed at the point of shattering into pieces, or would I be able to expand and be part of everything, and take it all in. Would the massive We be able to actually share and endure the limitless pain by sharing it?

If we can enter our individual minds in a shared network of shared consciousness, would we be able to feel free when discovering we're not alone but connected by the same chemistry of pain and bars of mortality?

Would we be able to recognize the beauty and truly love the world and everyone in it if we shared our minds in a universal consciousness? Would selfishness be buried in the old unrelatable past of the egotistical lonely human we used to be? Could we possibly be happier within the song of the world, rather than limited within the note of this wing-flattering scream of the trapped bird-soul within us?

In light I can see the world made for humans, for the day was made for us to live in it. As soon as the night falls I feel the universe with its magnitude laugh at me. I hear within me the nearing end of my kind, for all species die out at some point in time. And in some far star, in the big big sky, we're already long gone.

What if we're just a memory of what we used to be, and we feel the pain of what we used to lack in a long gone memory?

What if the great gig in the sky is not our death but our ascension to the greatest song ever told? And what if this song of humanity can be sung throughout the ends of the universe as a scream to our creator, whatever that means, that we're here, that we're not alone anymore, that we made a song and the song will be sung, forever in the great big sky.

I don't know what's more petrifying to the golden bird in the golden cage...the prison throughout...or the infinity within....