Jul 31, 2014

How to fight against the 1%

Sayed Kashua an Arab in Jerusalem has to leave Israel. He's dedicated his life to write about Israel and Palestine, trying to get both issues across and have people unite together in peace. He wants Israel to recognize the Palestinian struggle, and he wants Palestinians to recognize the state of Israel and forgive. But now he feels he's lost his war and he's moving to Chicago to save his family and to try from scratch to build a better life. I wonder if he'll be able to be heard in Chicago. I wonder if the world is ready to listen a voice that is for peace instead of hate.

After the shelling of a UN school in Gaza where refugees were placed after leaving their homes as Israel had asked them to, even the US was forced to condemn their best bud and ally for their deeds. Yes they condemn what happened but that's not the whole story. US condemns shelling of UN school in Gaza but restocks Israeli ammunition writes The Guardian. And no wonder, to the world leaders who are puppeteered by corporations, arms trade cannot be stopped. UK arms are being exported as well to Russia despite arms embargo. Let's not forget that for the fat bellies of the corporations to be replenished, the arms that kill children have to be sold. Why is UN even existing? They have no power whatsoever.

In other news this morning the Greek court has acquitted farmers who shot 28 Bangladeshi strawberry pickers, immigrant workers who had not been paid in a modern European slave state. Where is the EU standing on this? Where is their outrage, their action. But why would they care, as long as these poor souls help the Greeks pay the debt that they have? It's all about money. Follow the money and you'll know why nobody gives a shit about the poor, the immigrants, the refugees, the slaughtered. 

And we're made to hate the Roma people and the immigrants in Europe. And we're made to hate the Mexican immigrants who do the hardest jobs in the US. All these immigrant workers do jobs nobody wants to do but governments tell people these immigrants are taking their jobs. And these immigrants are forced to work illegally, with none of the benefits all other people who give the same or even less contribution obtain. That is Their plan all along. Slavery is still going on and just like the proverbial devil, Their biggest achievement was to make us believe it doesn't exist.

They make us hate Russia and the Russians while engaging in Cold War speechThere's no stronger motivators than fear and rage, and that's what made the Iraq war/wars happen, and many more transgressions by US leaders just pass by quietly. They instigate this idea that the US must be the leader of the Free World and is responsible for eradicating the spawn of Satan that's supposed to be Russia. No wonder Time Magazine posted a cover of Cold War 2 in a deep red background. Everyone is literally trying to start a Cold War 2, because it is unacceptable that Russia's economic power is increasing, and the world's powers are changing. It's all shifting, and They're all struggling to maintain and/or expand their power, despite the human cost. We are literally tools, Their tools. I don't agree with Putin in any possible level, and I think that the way he's handling the recent "incident" if it can be called such is outrageous, but calling him Satan and calling out for war on television as Fox news likes to do, is an extremely dangerous game. But that's what they want. They want us to blame all Russians for what a rebel did instead of try and find solutions to solve the issue peacefully in the region. They try to confine an extremely complicated issue such as the one of Israel and Palestine, so that we don't have time to think critically and we can side with their side and hate, hate without prejudice. We are  not allowed to actually read and find out what really is going on. 

They increase hate of one side against the other side, and that other side feels threatened so they retaliate by threat too. If I had no drop of empathy in my blood, I'd laugh and laugh because what They're doing is quite genial. 

What is going on is that left and write they try to divide us. They are trying to engage us in a war against each other so that we forget who the real enemy is.

This is the war that we’re losing and it saddens me that we are relinquishing our power of love. They make us hate each other so we don’t unite against Them. They/them/those are the 1%, the corporations, the banks, the government leaders, the powerful, the terrorist groups, the dictators, Those who have the weapons and the money and the media. They are the only enemy. They should be stopped. They should be stripped of their power. And it can only be done if we stop hating each other for their sake. Stop hating your local immigrants. Stop hating your neighbors. If They tell you to hate someone, know that you must do the opposite. Only peace and love can save us from the shackles the 1% has tied us with.


  1. kezra (i beebeebeebee/Exquisite Soap/musntgrumblestillgotmehealth + the rest :)August 6, 2014 at 12:13 PM

    There is still some humanity left, thank you. Gaza, the Bangladeshi slaves, Ukraine..my tears have been turning into hate and I fear for my children. I really appreciate your words. In a world where peace and humanity are turned into a dichotomy of each other, we need more people like yourself to shout above the din.

    1. Everytime I become depressed about the world and I feel hate rising in me or I see hate rising in others, I find solace in Ghandi, Mandela and every other soul who advocates peace. It's so easy to be consumed by hate, but only love can save us all. I truly believe that there's be a peaceful social revolution in the years to come. That people will be tired of the power struggle and politics of hate and will seek a new system, a system of sharing, a system of helping, a system of love. We only need to be optimistic about it, because pessimism doesn't solve anything and doesn't help us get out of bed in the morning. Let's be strong for our loved ones and spread messages of hope to the world.