Dec 29, 2014

Top Movies for Serial Singles this Holiday Season

So winter's been here for a week and it's already freezing our bones, and our hearts. Ever heard of Seasonal Affective Disorder? Well I think I have that. I'm a spring-born and winter is just too depressing, Christmas time especially. When we were kids we could actually enjoy Christmas, with all its magic, but now that magic's gone. It's better to have loved and lost than never loved at all, or is it? Losing that magical feeling, belief in Santa, and in Santa for adults (Love), is quite depressing. This winter single gals like us didn't manage to find a warm cuddling body, but so what? There's still friends, bars downstairs and for those of us that are way too cold to even take out arm from blanket to point remote at screen, there's slankets and laptops. There's only one way to get out of the rut for me, and that's watch Christmas or Holiday themed movies and TV. I'm not talking about Eloise at Christmas Time, White Christmas, or Miracle in 34th Street, those kind of movies, but actual movies for us SAD people, Serial Singlists, Christmas-Disillusioned. This is a list of some of my favorite stuff to watch this season, for all us proud Serial Single gals to warm our hearts this winter, with stories about basically, even more pathetic versions of ourselves who get a win at the end. 

Diary of Bridget Jones

This is the main classic movie to watch this season. It starts with a very familiar scene with Bridget singing badly on her couch in her pajamas to All By Myself, after finding out that she has zero messages on her phone (which is the equivalent of no whatsapp notifications on your phone today), and has emptied her bottle of wine. Bridget's ability to screw up all the time in relationships, in her professional life and cooking, in keeping her weight down, or even showing up a at a party without looking like a prostitute, because she didn't check a message, makes us feel a little bit better about ourselves. When she gets to have fun with the bad boy, and even afterwards get the very very nice boy, who knows how to really kiss, sure makes us feel that we can have it all too. The film has all the Christmas - New Years atmosphere without all the family, children melodrama that let's face it, none of us has or wants to have either...right... It's a movie about us, and about how adorkable ladies who are far from perfect, can have it all. It's an anti- New Years Resolutions movie (because come on, they don't work), and a Love Thyself kind of movie. It doesn't matter how many times you've watched this movie, you should return to it every season.

200 Cigarettes

The Cautionary Tale Movie against throwing parties at your own apartment, and the All That Can Go Wrong on New Years Eve buffet...and it has Paul Rudd in it, making out with Courtney Love, Dave Chappelle and both Afflecks. A bunch of different stories, and a bunch of different people, their New Years and a party that kind of connects it all. It's a classic 90s film with a great 80s feel, so what more can you want?

When Harry Met Sally

Not only this movie taught all men to be extra hard working because that loud self-approving orgasm might have actually been fake, but it's also one of the most romantic movies centered around many many years of friendship, and one New Years Eve to top them all. Nora Ephron will definitely be forever the queen of the female hearts. She knows us all, and she knows how to touch our hearts. I wish there were more Nora Ephrons in this world even though Mindy Kailing and Tina Fey are her tweensies in the comedic side nowadays. Spoiler alert, two friends who know each other for years finally end up together and seal their new promise with a kiss on the New Years Eve gong. My oldest male friend who isn't married is actually gay, but hey, who cares. At least Meg Ryan gets the guy, again. "And it's not because I'm lonely, and it's not because it's New Year's Eve. I came here tonight because when you realize you want to spend the rest of your life with somebody, you want the rest of your life to start as soon as possible." 

Ally McBeal - The Man With the Bag

In the early 2000s, there was one name I used to call Mr Iron Man, Robert Downey Jr, and that was Larry Paul, Ally's love interest for over twenty-five amazing episodes. Ah, this character was amazing, all one can wish in a man, apart from the huge imperfection of having a kid that broke him and Ally apart in the end. Larry was charming, romantic, he loved Christmas, and man could he sing... really sing. This Christmas classic episode has Ally getting all jelly after Larry's ex shows up, a very Miracle in 34th Street Santa case (it's a lawyer show after all), as usually great music, and Christmas decorations up to our noses. This is an episode that restores your faith in Christmas. Feel free to check out every other Ally McBeal Christmas episodes by the way. They definitely have the most melodramatic, laugh out loud moments, and musical moments on TV. Ally taught me that's ok to be dorkward and it's ok to wear mini-skirts (even though HR doesn't agree), and that there could be men like Larry Paul out there. 

You've Got Mail

"It’s coming on Christmas, they’re cutting down trees. Do you know that Joni Mitchell song? I wish I had a river I could skate away on. Such a sad song. And not really about Christmas at all but I was thinking about it tonight as I was decorating my Christmas tree. Unwrapping funky ornaments made of Popsicle sticks and missing my mother so much I almost couldn't breathe. I always miss my mother at Christmas but somehow it is worse this year since I need some advice from her. I need her to make me some cocoa and tell me that everything that’s going badly in my life will sort itself out." Thankfully my mother is alive, but yeah, Christmas time reminds me of this quote, of this movie and of that song. As an adult, there's nobody really there to make you a hot cocoa and tell you that everything is going to be alright when you have no idea what you're doing with your life. Well maybe that person is Nora Ephron, and yes Tom Hanks too. It's a shame to miss out this end of the year on that hopeful Spring at the end of the tunnel, from which a handsome Tom Hanks (Joe Fox) appears surprising Meg Ryan (Kathleen) who says: "I wanted it to be you, I wanted it to be you so badly". As usual, Meg Ryan gets it all, at least for as long as Nora Ephron was alive. Miss her...

Let's face it, 2014 was not as great a year as those Year in Review Facebook posts reveal. I admit it, there were ups, but there were so many downs, that make the ups get forgotten. That's why we celebrate a meaningless holiday like New Years, and we get drunk every year, in hope that even though nothing actually changes but the calendar, the new year is going to be fabulous. But listen, as John says in Ally McBeal: "If you think back, and replay your year - if it doesn't bring you tears of joy or sadness, consider the year wasted." 

So however 2014 was for you, it's a clean slate, a new diary, and a new hope that somehow this year there will be no hangover. Read your 2015 Horoscope and dream ahead (even though, well horoscopes are complete bullshit). Get your torrent on and watch some flicks, listen to sad music, get drunk, eat cookies and turkey, without a care in the world, and dance with yourself in your pajamas in your living room. Soon it will be Spring and Joe Fox will invite you to a park in New York, let Brinkley loose and reveal, that it was him, it had always been him. 

Dec 12, 2014

Për një Ç që ti s'e vë

Control Panel / Clock Language and Region / Change Keyboards or other input methods / Change Keyboards / General / Add / Albanian / Keyboard / Albanian / Ok / Ok

Dhe kështu zgjidhet tastiera shqipe për ta shkruar Shqipen tonë lirisht.
Tani kliko z për y dhe y për z, gjen ë ku është ; ç ku është [

Për të shkruar ; dhe [ mjafton Shift Alt dhe shkon tastiera mbrapsht në Anglisht (EN) dhe më pas prapë Shift Alt për të shkruar Shqip SQ. Shikoni djathtas poshtë në kompjutër SQ apo EN për të parë cila tastierë është aktivizuar

Dikur shkruanim me w, dhe pastaj me Replace, i kthenim w në ë, në një mënyrë të tillë që thonim edhe ëlcome se harronim që kishte dhe fjalë anglisht në tekst. Disa akoma preferojnë Alt 135 dhe opcione të tilla, por jua garantoj nuk ka gjë më të lehtë se të mësosh të shkruash Shqip në tastierë shqipe. Është shumë e lehtë!!! 

Nuk ka pse të shkruani keq, dhe pastaj në tekstet zyrtare të ndryshoni tekstin më vonë, disa herë. Nuk ka pse të bastardoni shqipen e bukur, që dhe unë që flas më mirë Anglisht se Shqip, dua ta nderoj siç është për t'u nderuar. Kemi dy shkronja të bukura që të tjerët nuk i kanë. Vetëm dy! Kaq e vështirë është t'i përdorim siç duhet? 

Kam punuar më së shumti me të huaj, dhe kam studiuar në universitete të huaja, dhe më së shumti jashtë, prandaj dhe duke qenë se mbiemri im ka një prej këtyre shkronjave që të huajt nuk i njohin, ma kanë shqiptuar shumë shpesh, pothuajse gjitmonë, mbiemrin Sanko! Nuk jam Sanko bre, jam Sanço! 

Është vërtetë një mbiemër i veçantë. Me sa duket mbiemri i familjes sime ka qenë ndryshe por gjatë regjistrimit të popullsisë për nder të stërgjyshit tim topolak dhe për nder të leximit të Migel Servantesit, gjysmës së fshatit iu ndërrua mbiemri në Sanço. Të paktën, kështu thoshte gjyshi im shakator. Mbiemri im ka histori, më lidh me familjen, dhe ndoshta me ata jo familjarë, por ish bashkë-fshatarë që të bëheshim Shqiptaro-Spanjollë për shkak të një shakaje që ka zgjatur afër një shekulli. Dhe meqë ra fjala për shaka, nuk kam qarë më se më quanin shokë e shoqe Sanço Panço, që në klasë të tretë, dhe sidoqoftë është më mirë se Jona Makarona.

Mbiemri im ëshët pjesë e identitetit tim dhe më raftë pika (pavarësisht se dhe sot e kësaj dite nuk e kam idenë çfarë është pika) po e ndryshova ndonjëherë. 

E prapë luftoj gjithmonë që ta shoh të shkruar saktë në dokumente apo e-maile zyrtare pasi kur të ngatërrohet mbiemri, përveç problemeve me dokumentet që mund të dalin, përveç shqiptimit të gabuar nga njerëzit që i lexojnë, lind dhe një fiksim psikologjik që kam me identitetin tim. 

Nuk i di arsyet se pse kjo shkronjë kaq e bukur duhet të tredhet dhe të kthehet në një shkronjë tjetër. Nëse shkronja ç do të lëvizte në kufi mes shtetesh, do të kishte gjithmonë probleme me ngatërrimin e identitetit, dhe nëse shkronja c do të ishte person në kërkim, shkronja ç do ta hante kot ma si koti.

Ndoshta është një fiksim i ekzagjeruar, por dreqi e marrtë nuk është kaq e vështirë ta shkruajmë shqipen siç është për t'u shkruar. E vërtetë që nuk i bindim dot të huajt të na i shkruajnë emrat siç duhet, po të paktën mes Shqiptarëve, mos t'i humbasim këto dy shkronja të lezetshme që na karakterizojnë gjuhën, dhe e bëjnë ndryshe nga rajoni. Këto shkronja janë shkronja të Shqipes:

Lumja ti, moj korç'o lule, 
Q'i le pas shoqet' e tua! 
Si trimi në ball'u sule,
Ta paçim përjetë hua! 

Kushdo që është sot burrë 
Dhe shqipëtar i vërtetë,
Emëri s'i shuhet kurrë 
Dhe nderi i rron përjetë.

Gjuha jonë sa e mirë! 
Sa e ëmbël, sa e gjerë! 
Sa e lehtë, sa e lirë! 
Sa e bukur, sa e vlerë!